Common Causes of Painful Periods

Common Causes of Painful Periods

Menstruation can vary widely between women. Some women have periods which are regular, and others have irregular or absent periods. Some women have periods which only last about three days, while other women have periods which can last a week. Some women have little to no cramping during a period, while others suffer extremely painful periods. If getting your period means days of severe pain, it’s time to see your OBGYN doctor for help.

What You Need To Know About Painful Periods

Some cramping is normal during your period. When you have your period, it means that your uterus is contracting and expelling its lining. When you have higher levels of prostaglandins, the chemicals which cause the uterus to contract, your contractions will be stronger, causing pain and cramping.

If you are suffering moderate to severe cramping that interferes with your life, you may be suffering from one of these common causes of painful periods:

  • Uterine cysts
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Fibroids or growths
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

When you visit your OBGYN doctor, your doctor will perform a comprehensive examination of your reproductive system. Your doctor may order laboratory testing and imaging studies including an ultrasound to diagnose an underlying condition which could be causing your painful periods.

  • To treat painful periods, your OBGYN doctor may recommend:
  • Medications including birth control to help regulate your periods, bleeding, and cramping
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures to remove fibroids, cysts, or growths
  • Advanced surgical procedures including a partial or full hysterectomy if your painful periods are caused by endometriosis
  • Palliative treatments including muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory medications and thermal therapy to help ease symptoms

Want To Know More?

You don't have to suffer from painful periods when help is just a phone call away. To find out more about the common causes of painful periods and how your OBGYN doctor can help you find relief, call your OBGYN doctor today.

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